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Need an affordable, simple way to solve an erosion problem!  Ditch Lining is the answer.  Some people call it half-pipe or pipe-with-a-grove.  Regardless what you call it, ditch lining is one of the most innovative concrete products to come along.  We may be the only manufacturers in North Carolina.

Ditch Lining is made out of concrete, so it will last a lifetime. It is easy to install and cost less than half that of regular storm drain.  Since it’s concrete, and not plastic, it will always stay in place!  You can lay it straight or in a curve.  Available in four sizes, 12”, 15”, 18” and 24” width.All in 4’ - tongue & grove sections.

It has been installed at slopes over 20%.  Ditch lining is ideal for use on steep banks, beside driveways or flower beds.  It is manufactured and shipped in whole four foot sections.  When you are ready to install it, you can use a simple garden tool to pop each section apart. You’re only limited by your imagination

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